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CPI offers classes to parents of children ages 0-18. Each class is led by a trained parent educator who provides tools that parents can adapt to their own family's needs. All CPI classes have a strong child development foundation, supporting the belief that each child and parent brings unique needs and temperament to family life.

Although many classes are held at the Parent Education Center in southwest Santa Rosa, others are conveniently located throughout Sonoma County.

Classes include Guiding your Toddler and Preschooler, Positive Parenting. In addition, classes involving infants and toddlers, such as Infant Massage and Billingual Playgroups, are attended by parents and children together.

Cost is per person unless otherwise indicated. Unless noted parents DO NOT attend with child. Childcare is not provided and children may not be left unattended. Classes are held at our Parent Education Center, 3642 Standish Ave, Santa Rosa, CA.

We can also register you over the phone, if you have a questions about class, enrollment space. We would need to confirm payment over the phone to finalize class registration. CPI Parent Education Center  707-585-6108 extension 1240.

Free classes are under the Special Topics below, select check option for payment to finalize, registration is required to ensure we have enough space for all participants at each community location.

Choose a category to see what classes we offer.


The New Family: Blended, Extended, and Unmarried

2 sessions

Mondays / July 9 - 16, 2018 / 6:00-8:00pm

CPI 3642 Standish Ave, Santa Rosa, CA

American family structures are undergoing significant change. Four and a half million babies were born in 2007 and 40 percent were born to unmarried mothers, a trend that continues to escalate. This two-hour workshop focuses on meeting the parenting challenges that arise in new family paradigms that include two parents each with their own children, grandparents as primary caregivers, or unmarried partners living together.

19 Inventory
@ $40.00 ea.

Parenting Apart Without Tears

3 sessions

Thursdays / June 7 - 21, 2018 / 6:00-8:00pm

CPI 3642 Standish Ave, Santa Rosa, CA

This three-session class covers the patterns that emerge in parenting relationships between ex-partners and how specific challenges can be addressed through improved communication. Several techniques for improving parenting communication are taught and practiced. As well, the class offers crucial up-to-date information on the impacts of divorce conflict on children and provides strategies for parenting that ease the impacts of this impactful event in the vulnerable lives of children.

15 Inventory
@ $60.00 ea.

Transitions Triple P- for parents navigating separation or divorce.

4 sessions

Wednesdays / June 6 - 27, 2018 / 6:30-8:30pm

CPI 3642 Standish Ave, Santa Rosa, CA

This class is designed to provide an overview of the challenges parents face while making the transition through divorce or permanent separation. Topics such as divorce, coping with emotions and how to parent while going through this transitional time will be discussed. Tools and strategies will be introduced to help manage conflict with an ex, exercise mindfulness, and help you make positive changes.

19 Inventory
@ $70.00 ea.

Co-Parent Counseling Orientation (Required to start co-parent counseling)

1 session

Tuesday / July 24th, 2018 / 6:00-7:00pm

CPI 3642 Standish Ave, Santa Rosa, CA

*Required to start co-parent counseling.

20 Inventory
@ $20.00 ea.

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